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We facilitate epic experiences.

Notice we don't say plan, organize, or coordinate. We believe adventure results from a little uncertainty and minimal structure. Our idea of planning is to produce a crazy idea, find a trained local guide who can support us, and then look for open-minded people to join. We can design the conditions, but not the experience.

Travel can be used as a force for good. It can evoke empathy, bring people together and tell meaningful stories. While not perfect, we strive to be inclusive, considerate, and thoughtful with our approach.

Past Adventures

The quickest way to understand our vibe is to see our past experiences.

The Baja Escape: Mexico

4 days, a group of friends, and a 4WD, vegetable-oil-powered school bus heading down the coast of Baja California Norte. The consensus group highlight was getting the bus stuck in the mud and turning the dig-out into a spontaneous party.

Spirit of the Nomad: Kyrgyzstan

We sent an adventurous group into the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan to travel by horseback and experience the lifestyle of the Kyrgyz nomads. With the help of 2 local guides the group learned to hunt with eagles and sleep in yurts.

The Berber Traverse: Morocco

Our first co-branded trip, the Berber Traverse offered a women's only MTB crossing of the Atlas Mountains to members of the Outdoor Women's Alliance. The experience included a gear donation coordinated by Pack for a Purpose and concluded with several days of surfing and yoga on the coast.

The Long Road South: Vietnam

Just a couple of dudes riding from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city via motorcycle. With planned stops at the World's Largest Caves and unplanned stops for motorcycle repair. In a country that moves on 2 wheels, it seemed like the only way to travel.

Expedition SamanĂ¡: Colombia

The inaugural Made by Adventure experience found us rafting down the Rio SamanĂ¡ with a group of documentary filmmakers and international whitewater kayakers. The footage from the trip was submitted to UNESCO in opposition of a hydroelectric project that would endanger the river ecosystem. Read more here

Upcoming adventures

We no longer organize adventures full-time, however, we still plan to launch one or two experiences a year for friends, family, and our close community. These trips will only be announced by email. Add your email if you want to be Made by Adventure

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